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earl harris photography

photographer in Kissimmee, st. cloud and surrounding areas

photographing people, places, pets and ponderings

My love of photography began instantly as a child when, at the age of 8, my father invited me for the first time to join him in the darkroom he had at our home. In high school, I was never without a camera in hand. There was and still is a magical aspect to the camera: it allows me to freeze a moment or visual perception in time and to share that moment with the world. The camera is a time machine - a transcendent portal that captures a moment in time and lets others see it through my eyes.

My photographic interests span many genres encompassing "people, places, pets and ponderings." My fascination with the endless aspects of the world that surround us drives me to take photos. I delight in seeing common things differently and I strive to do so whenever I'm creating images for myself or for my clients.

Photography isn't just about knowing how to use a camera; it's about composition, lighting and artistry and being able to combine those to make a pleasing photograph.

Located in Kissimmee, Florida, I travel to service clients throughout Central Florida and surrounding areas.